His 30 Day Shred – His, Enhance, Sweat


Shred Fat In One Month


  • Can Help Build Lean Muscle
  • Can Support Shred Body Fat
  • Can Help Enhance Metabolism
  • Can Help Support a Healthy Immune system
  • Can Help Support a Healthy Prostate
  • Can Boost Testosterone
  • Can Increase Libido


Looking to increase energy, improve stamina, enhance the ability to build lean muscle and burn body fat? As you get closer to 30 years old your natural testosterone begins to decline which is why you can't eat and drink like you used to. The effects of your diet and age can be reversed by natural increasing your testosterone and decreasing your estrogen conversion. Taking Wellthy ENHANCE can naturally boost overall energy levels, lean muscle, metabolism, and libido. Think of it as support for a health hormones.

How good is your diet? Are you eating enough fruits, vegetables, and superfoods to get all the micronutrients you need for optimal health and immune system support? Taking Wellthy HIS will fill in the gaps of the micronutrients you are missing in your diet and will help boost your overall health with the addition of prostate support. His is a complete men's multivitamin with a full prostate support complex.

SWEAT: Fat Burner and Thermogenic can help your body burn more fat and give you more energy! It is made with ingredients proven to strengthen your brain and body, and can even improve your mood. For maximum effect, use right before working out.

Wellthy HIS 30 Day Shred contains the highest quality micronutrients to deliver concentrated minerals, amino and extracts to supplement your diet to get you to your goals and maintain optimal health and Wellthiness.

How To Use

Please see each individual product for suggested use.

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