Stacking BCAA and Glutamine For Weight Loss, Does It Really Work?

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Stacking BCAA and Glutamine For Weight Loss

Many athletes and bodybuilders use BCAA and glutamine supplements for muscle improvement and weight loss. This article will explain how BCAA and glutamine help you lose weight.


How BCAAs and Glutamine Work In Harmony To Repair Muscles

Branched-chain amino acids and glutamine are amino acids that play a key role in all aspects of human health. According to Suhasini Viswanathan a Qualified Dietitian-Diabetes and Vegan Specialist said that stacking BCAAs and glutamine supplements work very well when taken together to have a better result for muscle recovery. Adding 5 grams of Glutamine to your BCAAs post-workout, can incredibly upgrade your muscle recovery process.

Studies state that glutamine is the most abundant non-essential amino acid found in the human body and has significance for the immune system, metabolism, and cell function. Glutamine supplementation can prevent muscle pain caused from overtraining. It also helps to develop post-workout glycogen synthesis, which would also improve muscle growth, while the branched-chain amino acid is responsible for enhancing exercise performance and muscle recovery and is also used as an energy booster and helps reduce muscle damage during exercise. By taking BCAAs help your body recover faster, prevent muscle soreness, and alleviate skeletal muscle damage. Here are the benefits of BCAAs and glutamine supplements in the human body.

Boosting exercise performance

Branched-chain amino acids and glutamine help boost exercise performance and give more energy, relieve fatigue and improve muscle recovery.

Promoting muscle building

BCAAs and glutamine can help to build more muscle, improve immunity, and speed up recovery from injuries.

Increasing fat burn

Losing fat and burning calories can help with muscle growth. Amino acid supplementation decreases the percentage of body fat and can lead to muscle repair and weight loss.

Taking Glutamine Supplementation Post Workout

How Taking Glutamine Supplementation Post Workout Can Help With Muscle Growth

Glutamine can be found in muscle tissue, plasma, and animal-derived protein sources such as meats and eggs. This supplement also hydrates body cells which are critical for repairing damage and growth. It has also been found to play an important role in immunity, gut health, and athletic performance as well.

Taking glutamine supplementation post-workout helps in muscle protein synthesis, improves exercise performance, and grows muscle. Protein synthesis helps to build and prevent muscle damage. Glutamine supplementation promotes a positive nitrogen balance for the process of protein synthesis and helps direct the body where and when to place nitrogen atoms to rebuild and repair muscle tissue. If you can’t tell I’m big on protein synthesis with my clients, I stress it over and over again just because it is so important if you want to see the fastest results.  There is some caution with overloading glutamine which I will go over.


Side Effects From Too Much Glutamine

Taking too much glutamine you are more likely to experience minor side effects. Some potential side effects include:

  • Nausea, vomiting
  • Stomach pain
  • Swelling in your hands or feet
  • Muscle or joint pain, back pain
  • Headache
  • Dizziness
  • Tired feeling
  • Mild skin rash or itching
  • Dry mouth, runny nose
  • Increased sweating.

Side effects might occur if you are hypersensitive to glutamine, or on the other hand if you’ve taken too much glutamine supplement. If any of these side effects or some other antagonistic responses begin occurring, look for clinical or medical attention right away. Make sure to follow the recommended doses to avoid those side effects because taking too much glutamine is potentially bad for your health.


Which Supplement Is Better For Recovery?  Glutamine Or BCAAs

Which Supplement Is Better For Recovery

Glutamine and BCAAs are both amino acids and play an important part in muscle building and muscle recovery. Both supplements serve a very different purpose and offer different ergogenic benefits to the human body. Studies show that both glutamine and BCAAs can help to improve exercise performance and support better muscle recovery.

Branched-chain amino acids can help rebuild and repair muscle mass and it is popular as a sports supplement that helps to improve intra-workout performance. Athletes who endure longer exercise bouts, and multiple workouts per day can greatly benefit from BCAAs supplements to inhibit muscle mass breakdown and remain in an anabolic state. While supplementing glutamine is also extremely beneficial to improve muscle recovery and reduce post-workout muscle soreness.

When thinking about taking glutamine or BCAAs, think about two things. For one’s purposes, researches show specific outcomes, yet this is typical in some individuals, and not all things are very similar for everyone. Furthermore, these supplements are intended to enhance immunity and speed up muscle recovery. BCAAs and glutamine can be very useful in expanding the outcomes that you see.

These two famous supplements work as helping aid in protein synthesis and other important processes in better muscle recovery.


The Final Thoughts On Stacking BCAA and Glutamine For Weight Loss

BCAAs and glutamine are Amino acids that are the building blocks of protein and are essential in muscle recovery. Supplementing with aminos, like glutamine and BCAAs, can help the body with getting the main supplements it needs to build muscle. Both supplements help to improve exercise performance, improve muscle recovery, and reduce muscle breakdown.

Stacking BCAA and glutamine is safe and works very well when taken together because these two popular supplements have an important role in the human body. Bodybuilders and athletes take BCAAs and glutamine supplements to lose weight and develop lean muscle.

These two supplements help rebuild and repair muscle mass, by inhibiting muscle mass breakdown and initiating muscle protein synthesis to recover faster and boost energy. It also improves recovery times and reduces post-workout muscle soreness.

Therefore supplementing with BCAAs and glutamine can greatly enhance the muscle recovery process and replenish the body with amino acids it needs to optimize performance.

If you are looking to start taking advantage of these benefits you should try our newest BCAA formula with glutamine. It has all the essential ingredients for a rapid recovery. Try WTF-Win The Fight” – BCAA Pre Workout Mix if you’re looking to maintain muscle mass and strength during your weight loss journey.  If you have any questions about glutamine or BCAA’s don’t be shy just drop me a message and I will help you determine what size of dosage would be ideal for your fitness and health goals.

Thoughts On Stacking BCAA and Glutamine For Weight Loss

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